Happy National Donut Day, one and all!  

Donut Wall.jpg

If you haven’t indulged in the day’s namesake, no doubt you will be soon—perhaps even at an upcoming wedding, shower, or other treat-stocked celebration.  

We thought we’d dedicate this blog post to donuts, and, by extension, one of our favorite ubiquitous and Instagram-worthy party displays: the donut wall.  If you have never had the pleasure, here is a snapshot of one from a recent graduation party at Shores.

Doesn’t that look delectable?  Donuts (and their walls) typically stand in for the typical sheet cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other standard dessert fare.  

Donut walls can be purchased outright online, but it could be more fun and economical to make a DIY version to your specifications.  All you really need is some peg-board and dowel rods, but they can get much fancier. Here’s a short video tutorial, with some additional ideas to jazz up your donut wall.

Once you’ve created your wall, it’s just a matter of choosing your favorite donuts (probably the hardest decision of the whole project) and arranging them whimsically on the wall.  Keeping the wall stocked throughout the event is an excellent job for the hosting team member that prefers something fun but with low intensity.

Well, donut enthusiasts, it’s about time to satisfy that craving.  It’s a national holiday, after all! See you at the donut wall.

Jason Alberty