The Shores Spy School Escape Room

Is now open and taking reservations!

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Our room designer has really ejected the villain from the Aston Martin for this one. Our last escape room, Shores CSI, was immersive, hands-on, with the debut of our “cooperation cube,” the use of cell phone communication, and the literal digging through someones dirty laundry. The Spy School goes the other way. This room demands less manipulation and more brainpower.

You actually might need to sit down for a few minutes with this one. Grab our paper pad and our pen and work through some cunning cryptographs. Get a look at the rolling rotors of the famous Enigma machine and how it affected espionage forever. Figure out our spy-crafter’s diabolical desk. Oh, and tons of red herrings.

What’s a red herring?Here is a web page for a little light reading.

There is stuff to learn and stuff to play with in our Spy School Room. There is stuff for one brain and stuff for multiple brains. And, at the end, there is a certificate of achievement. If you can get that far.

Right now we are only offering escapes via appointments. These next two months are crazy with grad parties and weddings. But you never know when we can slip you in between a couple of events, so click here to inquire about booking your Spy School experience.

Jason Alberty