Thanks Transamerica!

We had a great corporate team building experience this week at Shores Event Center. Transamerica sent one of their project teams here to go through our Underground Escape room and work through some of our team building exercises.

They were a big group, eighteen people! They experienced our Shorelock's Wizardarium in two groups. The first group did NOT escape, but the second group escaped with four minutes left. So I guess there are some bragging rights for Group #2!

We all did the infamous Bunny Bunny warm-up, which I expect will be rolling through the halls of Transamerica today. Other team building activities included Human Machine, Cup Pyramid, and some others.

It's always important, from my standpoint, that the corporate groups who visit know the activities are more than just silliness and busywork. We briefly discussed how each team building activity focusses on one or two specific aspects of team work: communication, empathy, cooperation, group cohesion, all important in collaborative cultures. 

All participants were real "goers" and jumped right into each activity. It was a great group, and we at Shores Event Center had a blast working with them!