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Jason Alberty and Julie Cain (New Owners)

Jason Alberty and Julie Cain (New Owners)

My wife and I couldn’t be more excited to jump into this venue space. It’s lovely and warm and comfortable in Shores Event Center. Tim, Mindy, and their staff put together a beautiful space.

Now we are hoping to take it to the next level, with performance programming, more classes, and, hopefully, the addition of art.

If you haven’t been here in a while, please feel free to drop by and check out our new bar. Our most recent addition, it was crafted by local woodworker Chris Selner out of all reclaimed material. It is a great addition to the warmth and the traditional feel of our space.

We are also partnering with local creative organization the Foundry Performance Laboratory. This means we have had some of their performances right here in our space. That also means the addition of some theatrical lighting that we are hoping to be able to add to our events inventory specifically for your use.

I will be using our journal as a way to introduce you to some of the new aspects of Shores Event Center as well as discussing some of our new ideas and hopes for the future.

Feel free to comment on any blog post, asking questions, or offering of observations, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

I hope you enjoy what we have done and what we are planning for the future. And we all hope to see you soon at Shores Event Center.

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