Marty Carpenter: Shores Concert Series

Marty Carpenter: Shores Concert Series


March 23rd
House Opens at 6:30

Join Marty for an evening of original song and storytelling that follows the evolution of a man from youth to middle age and everything in between. Hear the stories that inspired the songs, told only in the way Marty tells it. Honestly, humorously, and deep from the soul. Looking for life’s deepest answers never sounded so inviting. 

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Marty Carpenter Performs Live

An intimate night of music and storytelling with Iowa’s own Heartache Connoisseur

Marty Carpenter is The Heartache Connoisseur: psychiatrist, singer, songwriter, and host of The Heartache Connoisseur podcast. His most recent album, Your Name Here, was released in February. He believes wisdom sounds truest when set to music. Witness his fearless exploration of the human condition through song and verse.