Oceana: Shores Concert Series

Oceana: Shores Concert Series


March 2nd
House Opens at 6:30

After seven months of performing out on the road, Lacie and Gerard come home and bring their story songs to the Cedar Rapids area again. This time they’re including a bunch of thier new material and promise that Gerard will not perform his operatic version of the Air Supply catalog. Lacie will also plans to curse aloud, though probably using a Victorian-era put down.

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Oceana Performs Live

An intimate concert with Lacie De Souza & Gerard Estella

Formed in 2015 originally as a song development deal called The Lacie Marie Project, Oceana quickly grew into a full fledged band. Their unique sound: part folk, part rock, a splash of jazz, with a whiskey chaser, and indie as all get out.  

A songstress with a captivating voice, Lacie Marie De Souza comprises one half of Oceana. Gerard Estella songwriter, guitar noodler and piano monkey is the other half of Oceana. Through voice and song, they share their stories of love, loss and life. (And coffee.) (And cream.)