Underground Escape Room

Shores Event Center brought the first escape room to the state of Iowa. Since then, thousands of clients have experineced our escape rooms.

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Challenging & Fun

Sixty-minutes. Multiple puzzles and mysteries to solve. A bar at your beck and call. What more can you want? With years of experience behind us, and one of the most creative room-designers in Eastern Iowa, we know you'll love our challenging rooms. We are not a chain. We are locally run and locally designed.

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Our Present Room

We flip our rooms every three months. That means something new to solve is just around the corner. This room is Shorelock's Wizardarium. Are you magic enough to work our five wizard stations and find the want and spell to escape the room in time. There is only one way to find out.

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Our First Family Room

Shorelock's Wizardarium is our first room for adults and family. Really, it's two levels. Our family level is a beginners level with easier puzzles and only 30 minutes to get out. That insures that the younguns don't lose interest. Our adult room is considerably more advanced. It has double the puzzles and a 60 minute limit.

We are heading into Wedding and Graduation season!

That means your escape timing is up to you. Give us a call or send us an email to set up your personal escape time. Just click below!