CSI: Shores Event Center (10/13)

CSI: Shores Event Center (10/13)

25.00 30.00

You are a rookie detective. You and your cohorts have been called to a murder scene in Quiet Alley. The Chief has given you what seems to be an open-and-shut case. But it soon becomes crazed-and-confusing. And there is much, much more at stake than your badge.

Do you have what it takes to solve this case and make it out alive?

*Note: at least one participant needs a fully charged cell phone for this escape room.


Come on, Rookie. Do you have what it takes to solve a murder?

The Chief really should be tackling this case, but he's buried in work. So he's called on you and your cohorts.

There is a body in Quiet Alley. And it's your job to figure out the whos, whys, and whens. Of course, things aren't always as they seem. If they were, anybody could do this job.

Do you have what it takes to solve the case and escape...with your life?

Our bar is open and serving our special detective cocktail, a Rusty Nail. Drinks are allowed within the Escape Room.

Pre-payment is required. 
Register online or call (319) 775-5367

Adult Room
For people over 15
Registration Cost: SALE!!! $25/person with puzzles of varying difficulty and a 60-minute escape window
Weekday and Weekend Escapes also available by appointment
Escape Times: 6:00 pm, 7:30pm & 9:00pm
Registration Deadline: Online registration closes at noon (12:00 PM) the day of Underground Escape times. If you are interested in availability after online registration closes, please call (319) 775-5367.