Spy School Escape Room: Shores Event Center (9/7)

Spy School Escape Room: Shores Event Center (9/7)

25.00 30.00

Do you fancy yourself a Jane or James Bond? Come to the Shores Spy School and test your skills. With all new and diabolical puzzles designed by our own Q, you’ll be tested to the maximum abilities of your skill and wit. You might also learn a little something about the world of spies along the way.

Don’t forget that our bar is open and available to you, in case you want to be shaken or stirred before you go in.

This is an hour-long chronological escape room designed for older spies, so 16 or older, please.


Do you have what it takes to survive the world of espionage?

Commander Rick O’Shea is letting you ransack his office to see if you have what it takes to join the world of spies.

Learn what it takes to be a spy with seven chronological lessons that then test your skills and wit.

Our bar is open if you want to get shaken or stirred before your Spy Test. Drinks are allowed within the Escape Room.

Register online or call (319) 775-5367

Adult Room
For people over 16
Registration Cost: SALE!!! $25/person with puzzles of varying difficulty and a 60-minute escape window
Registration Deadline: Online registration closes at noon (12:00 PM) the day of Underground Escape times. If you are interested in availability after online registration closes, please call (319) 775-5367.